Season 1, Episode 8: Doug Dagworthy and Alan Tuback - Soluno

Alan Tuback has held various roles in the legal software space for over 15 years. Most recently as Director of Product Management at LexisNexis. His skill at translating business issues into customer solutions is an invaluable asset to Devlos's leadership.

Doug Dagworthy was a partner at Alumni Computer Group where he was the Lead Architect for LexisNexis PCLaw for 27 years. His intensive technical knowledge of the legal software industry keeps our products at the top of their game.

In this episode of Beyond the Payment, Amanda Huyck sits down to talk with both Doug Dagworthy and Alan Tuback, the co-founders of Soluno. Tune in as Amanda, Alan, and Doug talk about their cofounder working relationship, the ways Soluno+LawPay products can help your law firm, and more.

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