Season 2, Episode 1: Women in Leadership

Dru Armstrong is the CEO at AffiniPay, bringing over 13 years of experience in consumer and product technology development and management. Armstrong is a leader on topics including innovation, diversity and inclusion, and verticalized software.

Keren Douek is the CEO of BOTS, and the creator of multiple chatbots, including Shelley Bot, an AI candidate advocate that lives in the HR and recruitment sphere, MJ, a cannabis consultant and expert, and Justice Cy, a chatbot developed to get clients started in building their own legal chatbot. She is passionate about bringing personalized chatbots to different industries, and in doing so, making technology a resource for anyone, including those who don’t come from a tech background.

In this episode of Beyond the Payment, Keely Leonard sits down to talk with Dru Armstrong and Keren Douek about the topic of Women in Leadership. Both Dru and Keren are CEOs of their companies and have founded their own businesses. In this episode, you can expect to hear:

  • Advice from Dru and Keren for young women in leadership roles
  • How and why Keren started BOTS
  • Dru’s perspective on how to implement change as the CEO of an established company

And more!

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