Solving Problems and Cultivating Culture in Business

Author: Dru Armstrong
By  Dru ArmstrongJuly 27, 2021

At AffiniPay, we get to help people in business solve problems. I mean, what could be more fundamental in a business than processing payments?

Partnering with companies where we have the opportunity to solve their big business challenges is why we exist. People don’t always go into their specific industries to build a business of their own. That can be a happy byproduct, but we are here to help professionals get their focus back on doing what they love.

The more that we can bring transactions online, the more free time our professionals have to focus on what they went into their industries to do: be great lawyers, CPAs, and associations leaders.

The beauty of verticalized software is that we get to worry about professional services providers and their business problems for them. Our mandate is the ability to appreciate the technology that should or already does exist and to best solve professionals’ problems in a way that makes it feel most frictionless and intuitive.

There are many other parts of our clients’ businesses (particularly those related to financial well-being and risk management) for which we look forward to providing solutions by way of our differentiated technology platform.

AffiniPay has already made a scalable payments platform, so the next step is putting together the puzzle pieces and figuring out how we can do more for our clients. When looking to set up a company for its next chapter, you have to look and ensure you have the team to do that.

Our greatest resource is our team and our years of experience in this industry. Each team member’s unique perspective on what our clients need continues to accelerate this company forward.

Amy Porter has been so clear and consistent about hiring great people within AffiniPay. Partnership and culture are what this business is about. At the end of the day, business is about solving hard problems and having fun with the people around you while doing it.

Business is hard. If it was easy then everyone would do it. Identifying a team that you want to be with, work with, and that you want to excel a company with will help you to achieve hard things.

Surrounding yourself with people you want to be with and work with, in both the good and bad times, is what makes a great business. Hiring and picking the right people from the beginning will help to create a group of people that you enjoy being around and working with, which in the end makes the work better.

Company culture is top-down, and bottom-up. You can move farther and faster toward business opportunities if you’re with a company that already has a culture that aligns with who you are as a leader.

AffiniPay has a bright future ahead, and I look forward to driving this company forward—and having a little fun while doing it.