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Empowering people to pursue their passion

We deliver the essential tools professionals need to take back their business.

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We envision a world where professionals are empowered to spend more time doing the work they're meant to do, and less time doing the work they have to do.

Our Core Values

Work Smart Win Fast

Work Smart Win Fast

We know that more work doesn’t always equal better results. That’s why we focus on helping our customers get better outcomes without adding more hours to their day. We embrace being more intentional to drive more impact.

Outshine Ordinary

Outshine Ordinary

We believe business as usual usually doesn’t work. For us, every interaction is an opportunity to be surprisingly great. It’s why we aim to create delight in every experience, and go above and beyond for each other and our customers when it counts.

We Find A Way

We Find A Way

We don’t wait for a way forward, we make it happen, together. We see opportunities everywhere and explore them with curiosity, passion, and purpose.

What is AffiniPay?

Empowering professionals with technologies they need to thrive

Since 2005, we’ve established ourselves as a leading financial technology provider for professionals — changing the way lawyers, accountants, and associations run their business.

We’ve worked closely with our partners and clients to build technologies and relationships that not only revolutionize the process of accepting payments, but how professional services businesses are operated.

Bespoke technology

AffiniPay is a leading provider of practice management software, integrated payments and embedded fintech tailored to lawyers, accountants, designers, associations and more.

Modern security

With end-to-end encryption, tokenization and strict security policies, we keep you, your data and our partners protected.

Fantastical support

Anytime you need us, we’re here. In fact, 92% of our support calls are answered by the second ring.

The people behind AffiniPay

Meet the team that’s empowering 150,000+ entrepreneurs to do what they’re meant to do.

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AffiniPay’s Leadership Team

Those leading our growth

Dru Armstrong


Christian Fadel


Bryan Thompson


Greg Haney


Erin Brooks


Nathan Pace

EVP Corporate Development and Transformation

Catherine Dawson

General Counsel

Steven Silberbach

Chief Sales Officer

Our Board

Maintaining our focus. Driving our vision.

Robert Alvarez

Former CFO, Big Commerce

M. Roy Burns

Managing Director, TA Associates

Michael Carajohn

VP, Apax

Matt Flake

President and CEO, Q2

Stuart Harvey

Former Chairman Paysafe Group; Former Chairman/CEO Ceridian Corp; Former CEO Elavon Global Acquiring

Clara M. Jackson

Principal, TA Associates

John Porter

Investor, Skylark

The latest from AffiniPay

Explore how we’re continuously innovating and helping businesses take back their business.

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